Tuesday, January 10, 2012


When we heard you kind words and thoughts
Inspiring and uplifting our spirits, it brought
We were taught of what we gonna do
We can not be beaten unless we want to

Cleaning is partly a goal of our ultimate team
We were taught to be steadfast in our dreams
Yet we are hear to strive not just to dream and drift
We are here to work hard with loads to lift

We were taught to live just a simple life
There will be always a strength for every strife
To vanquish worries and fears we are confident
It is a part of our growth to face every challenge

We were taught to dearly love our job
It is a gift we have to be so much glad
As job is our life and life is our job
We are grateful but thanking you is not enough

As we proceed to the next chapter as we start our year
We promise to dedicate ourselves for the welfare of each other
As we are team we understand the fault of one affects everybody
Thanks for your teaching to work with passion and honesty

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