Monday, October 27, 2014


A rolling scene flashes over
Thoughts reel and stagger
Unsteady as it isn't supposed to be
like bumping atoms and a tiny orbs roll 

 into the horizon of my empty chambers..
 It is like crawling.. groping
to find an answer..trying to be normal being..
Searching the real wealth of an immortal artistic being..
Whom sometimes deaf.. blind.. and uncertain...
Just nothing..words flow gushing through the dew'
of an air we gasp every now and then..
My two thumbs just playing each every key of my keyboard, though..
Unraveling..gleaning the words from the weird I have met through. .
Who are they? They are my unseen friends who give me life thinking I am better
and could fly like an eagle soaring above the storm.. wherever..
Yet, I am just one of them..the crazy lovable ones. sharing their emptiness. them.. we are having our own weaknesses
Getting strength from each others warmth..
Believing each one is just as just as fool as we are
Yet shines as of the sun bright radiance. .

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