Friday, October 17, 2014


Partaking my emotion I am always trying to suppress
Calmed down feelings, silence somehow bring me solace
As I continue to take my journey with my busy steps
Sharing my smile, facing the world with no mark of regrets

A twit.. a laughter of an open book life keep me shining
A smile from a true and sincere heart seemingly not lying
Yet a silent sound of a flowing spring of tears at night
Connecting the hungry souls in the name of love never trite

In the middle of the night it is the music of my emotion I only care to listen
It is when I linger with my thoughts savoring the feeling that could not be lessen
In the middle of the night I enter the portal of my kingdom to waltz in magic
Drenched with the shout of my soul, swaying my deep emotion I could't quit

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