Thursday, October 23, 2014


Imagining ourselves imprisoned in a close door
maybe we laugh, we cry and more

You stare at me with too much passion and love
we hold the lavish emotions we both have
The fear and excitement will be mixed through
its always high and never gone low

The tightness of your hugs, the respect is too much
beholding your eyes upon me, with your gentle touch..
And nothing more ( wink) Yes.. nothing more to try
its ironic but even my fantasy could lie..
In my imagination so deep, it mend
the hollow and emptiness were filled
And what to do?
When my soul found you
I am crazy needing you
If I could just sheer my heart beat off the ground
If I could just deviate my thought in other way around
But again, what to do?
When my heart missed you
Fool I would be to want to

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