Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Reminiscing yesterday's
dire of nightmare
Turned into a myriad
bright smile I wear

Keeping myself moving
facing every single challenge
Life never flows in stagnant,
it's a rolling stone of change

It is unlike a sudden flash
of mystical eve lightning
Tormented sufferings descend
in a right time, debilitating

Creeping to disappear like
a cloud in a sky beneath
Struggle is not forever until
I found myself unearthed

Today I am walking through
with my priceless smile
Glorious skies uplifted me
and I have no way to sigh

My heart shines after the journey
from a long rough ravaged road
Rubbles befallen caused by those
speckled rain I passed and coped

Pains never galllop...also never stay
as I throw every strife to the abyss
Grateful of fate to be freed
from an unpleasant travel memories

Now I veered myself into a destiny
of such a promising drive through
Shaping myself to a glowing shadow
of a beautiful dawn of tomorrow

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