Tuesday, April 19, 2016


a face just lovely as her heart
sincere as the beauty of her soul
her aura depicts her kindness
she is as timeless as the universe

her eyes speaks up her life and her passion
magical in her thoughts and her expression
she a princess of undiscovered kingdom
her lips utter gentle words of wisdom

her face is a friend to everyone
and she is an enemy to no one
she has wide ears ready to hear not only to the beautiful melodies..
but also listen to every drop of a silent tears of pains and agonies

her nose smells the breath of an ageless aroma of an enchanting flowers in the garden of heaven..
her hair is like a glory of a breeze where the glamorous butterflies untirely dancing and flying

her face is my earnest fantasy
breathing in the midst of reality
her image is like a lovely paradise
and a timeless beams of sunrise

her face glows with the beauty of her heart..
her face is a unique expression of a genuine love..

Helen Sarita

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