Tuesday, May 10, 2016


an expression of too much emotions of gladness and pains..just likely a flowing spring of words from a wounded heart and injured.. a waltz of an inspiring heart of joyfulness  and a quiet sound of a running river of tears..a silent music of solitude.. a lullaby of a heart so much in love and a shout of its  ache and paining..It is a cry of an uncertain soul...a soft and a lovely breeze from the writers thoughts caressing many hunger souls. It is a lyrics of heart from an unseen paradise of  love densed and loaded with bursting emotion scattered by the wind of imaginations...magical words flow from our veins and blood  and its wonderful penning receives a lot praises and adoration ..giving soul to the words is such a great magic of poetry..a gracious lines of wisdom from the gifted souls... a phrase of a moaning heart in agony.. an art of the ink crashed by the torment of love and the lessons of life..a mission to inspire the world ..it is a sentiments  of the weird and the fool..yes we are.. it is purely us.. we are the decent fool of words playing our roles as  writers..we are the living souls of poetry..we are our words..we are our poetry

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