Friday, May 20, 2016


Till you breath your last..

Men, your muscle is a message of strength 
Yet your eyes are symbol of your weaknesses
Your lips always convey your sweetness
You utter words with mystical magics

Your hearts throbs like a gentle thunder of love
Its  beat are melodious sound to listen
Your touch are magnets of intimate desire
The passion of your eyes made us women insane

We cry when you captivated our hearts
We always need the sincerity of your Love
But of course you men are always men
You are imperfect, weak and vain

You need women to love you back
You love to be cared not nagged
In your flaws you love to be understood
You love to be unconditionally loved not owned

That's why men kept looking for women
Your hearts are non stop searching
For the haven of your wicked hearts
You need your woman to stay till you breath your last

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