Monday, May 30, 2016


Who am I?

I am whom anyone's heart sees in me
A gentle reflection of their own inner beauty
I am a queen of my own miniature kingdom
I run uneasy things so light without boredome

I'm like a fish busy swimming in a big ocean with no chance to sleep beyond
I am a colorful butterfly flying in the garden giving vivid ambiance to a candid paradise
During the storm, I am like an eagle soaring calmly upon the highest skies
I am a woman of hope and love, in turbulence of life I believe I can always survive

I am a lover of this temporary life yet I am not afraid to  die
I love to stay the world yet ready to leave upon the calling of time
My heart is always rekindled with wishes and love
I dream to see my loved ones living their dreams so glad

What you see on me attests my real personality
My imperfections and flaws speak my real beauty
Their is a kind of love within me many souls can define
And there's such a great love in my heart only to my soul aligned

I am a cascades of laughter to my beloved friends
I am a spring of inspiration to everyone else
I am the falling star of a very wishful evening
I am an ethereal moonlight in the dark sparkling

I am the book of my imagination
I am what my heart churning in motion
I am what the wisdom speaks in my poetry
I am a woman so full.. .I am a
woman of so many Me

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