Tuesday, May 10, 2016


This poem won silver

It is a heartfelt lyrics of our cascading emotion
Flowing like a music of our expressive souls
Great poetry isn't measured by the choice of words we've written
but how much emotions poured to which our hearts have spoken
It is a sublime endowment from our good heaven
A depict of an oozing emotions from our core within
It is a burst of an endearing expressive emotion
A wisdom so clear moving our pens gently in motion
A passionate creation which portray a beautiful art
A marvelous ancient art to preserve and last
True talents never have to be jealous with others art
Can't even dare to judge so each one has to be glad
Our writing is definitely you and me
It is how, what and who I am unto Thee
Poetry is an art into which  our souls should have..
to breath with the magic ink of love..

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