Thursday, December 1, 2016


Author Helen Sarita and I have completed Poem# 9.. We keep writing to meet our goal.....

Our Love

Love is the day we met
As our eyes locked on each other
Sweet kisses were exchanged quickly
As warm embraces lit up our worlds
We knew then it was True Love
To spend each day in each other’s arms
Loving each other
Growing old.
Sharing our memories
As we made a legacy for our strong love
Daniel Franklin

Strong feelings of love was born in me upon staring your lovely eyes
I saw your soul danced with my heart's symphony in my many nights
It swifts my heart badly as you kissed me quickly
I was enchanted the way you express your love so dearly
We claimed to grow old with our kisses and warm embraces
To be with each other in our journey, we consider this, a gift
Our love brought life to our romantic pens as they move
Our love graces our inks as our emotions being upload
Author Helen Sarita

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