Friday, December 30, 2016


Author Helen Sarita and I have written 10 poems now toward our book goal... One step closer to our published book, and this is fun venture.....

Lovers Lane

A place of love and safety
Always happy days and health
No sickness or unhappy days
As we walk along it hand in hand
In love
And enjoying life to the very end
Surrounded by True Love
Stopping for sweet kisses
And warm embraces
As we continue along Lovers Lane
Trying to reach the alter
Soon to be married
And to be bonded as one
Because you and I will always be in love

Daniel Franklin

Trees glitter with Christmas decor during Christmas eve..
We walked along the cold path seeing smiling faces
Graces with too much love in their hearts like as ours
Enjoying the cold breeze of love on this Yuletide Season
Our hearts whispered to the beauty that surrounds
As we preceded ourselves to the alter  to where true love abounds
You and me will express the love in our hearts forever more
In this lovers lane, we both walk happily full of dreams
We savor the feeling that will stay in our hearts till life ends

Helen Sarita

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