Tuesday, August 29, 2017


For our coming book  together with Deborah Brooks Langford !

Little Girl Tears
Staring down the senselessness
feeling her childish ways
She was a little girl in a big bad world�distant toll nagging�in these roller coaster years~
Sanguine breezes
winding hearts
roads that are binding
follow the yellow line~
water pours from crying eyes
closing her eyes and dreams
holding to her brother
waiting for the war to end~
one hot summers day
the river got a little bit bigger
with tears of one little girl
hoping things will change ~
Crying many a tears
from so many years
as she grew older through scars
of old~
Years past oh so fast
little girl remembers the tears
as she finds love on the hope
of an angel wings~
Little girl dance through life
following her heart to find love
little girl and her tears
grow old~
Dont waste a single day
a lonely night
little girl
dont waste your life
just have faith and allow a little tear~
Debbie Brooks@

Those innocent years rippling onto my thougths..
The longing of love has wrapped my sentiments..
Where were those cares that made me feel so secured?
It was gone away casted with the travelling winds of destiny
That only the ample cobwebs of memories were left..
These tears coming from the window of my eyes..streaming down
Dreaming if I could  just bring back those days when I was a little child
I would love to experience how would it feel to have no one  who cares..
And in my naiveness I would shed Iittle tears and sweats of sacrifice
to be able to  find all the resources to be alive...
Better that prayers have saved me and life has taught me..pains gave me strength..
Now.. is it not yet too late to share the lessons of life?
It would be good at times to throw our young ones into a deep ocean to teach them how to survive..

Helen Sarita@

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