Sunday, December 24, 2017


How blessed are we this Christmas?

So many things in my mind I earnestly love to do
Things to buy in the store,  just waiting through
I wish to give gifts that will paint a smile to many faces
Yet my wallet seems thin I couldnt  give as much as I wished
I brought my sight around as I sat down in the corner alone
I realized I have  no Christmas decors inside my home
Was it because I was so busy to prepare those stuff?
Or maybe I wasnt so much excited enough this Christmas?
Where was my heart  this season of joy and love if I may ask?
I am trying  to control my tears upon evaluating my own self
Do I have to tell what  did I do to give joy to the poor children?
May we cant see display of decors sparkling in my corners
But my heart is exquisitely shining  within, with joyful tears
I am thanking  the Lord in heaven  for my blissful year
I thank the Lord for the blessing  of good thoughts
For my firmness while riding the boat of life as the river flows
For now, I feel the  deepness of Christmas and its meaning
I know I have many beautiful and inspiring stories to tell
Sharing in season and out season is the best celebration
In fullness  and incompleteness, in good health and even in illness
Let us not so much tied up ourselves with material things
Instead, look at our  poor brethren, Those who are having cancer..
Those encountering accidents on the road and anywhere
Those who are having  problem  to pay hospital  bills
The victims of war in a far countries and near
And recently the poor victims of calamities around..
Have you ever think we are so much blessed more than what we thought we were this Christmas and the whole  year round?

Helen Sarita
All rights reserved..
(c) 12/23/17

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