Sunday, December 24, 2017


Helen Sarita and I have wrote poem 15 out of 30 toward our book...

A Love That Never Could Be..

We were so in love
Walked along Lover’s Lane
Life was good
We showed the world our love
The respect
And the will to love for life
Then the dark days came
The fights
The love was gone
And so were you
The sky turned dark
As the sun could no longer be seen
While the moon never shined another night
We were so cold
Hearts turned to stones
As u walked to the left, and I walked to the right
Unanswered questions
An empty feeling
Bu we stayed the same
No hope
No love
More tears

Daniel Franklin
All rights  reserved  by both Authors

I know no words of surrender
in the name of love
That even the darkest  skies
to us wished to cover
I am still hopeful
behind this river of tears
To you my heart
will forever beats
The past will still
be our future my love
It will never go cold
please believe me,
Feel my flame within
Listen to my heart's whisper
To love you.. I always will
Don't be confused..
After all it's not them
who wished  to break
as apart..
How can you say
this love could never be?
That it's only  you and me..
to share our innermost feeling of love
..till we breath our last

Helen Sarita

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