Sunday, December 24, 2017


Glittering Christmas decors
we've  watched everywhere
And the jolly faces and excitement  of innocent children
The get together of families and parties anywhere
Gifts under the Christmas trees are ready to be shared

Yet Christmas is much more merrier and meaningful
When we draw ourselves to some unfortunate people
To comfort  our brethren  who  are in a state of distress
During this Season of love, joy and unselfishness

Let's be there to console those who suffer their illness
And offer them love and prayers in whatever means
Through then we can feel much the Christmas Spirit
The essence of giving is  such so much eloquent

Christmas is not expressed by a gift inside a box
How  elegant and presentable it is being wrapped
Christmas is all about the content of our hearts
To comfort the feelings of others is what we lacked

This Christmas some people's  lives are miserable
Some are in trouble due to uncontrolled emotions
We have ignored Christ is the Core of this Season
Waiting for us to call His name in any situation

Christmas be felt with pure love and forgiveness
Touching hearts, praying  for everyone's  peace
As it is a celebration of the birthday of Jesus  Christ
Let jealousy and hatred turn to love and light ..

Helen Sarita
All rights reserved
(c) 12/12/17

Christmas photos
by Deborah Brooks Langford

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