Sunday, December 24, 2017


Collaboration written by Deborah Brooks Langford and ME  when we were having our vacation..


All women are beautiful...
It doesn't matter the color
It doesn't  matter the age
It doesn't matter the laughter
Or even the pain.

Women are go getters
That sparkle  each time
We are proud mamas
And grandma's too

Women demonstrate what values are
In the work force and home
And so many more..
Protecting family and life

Without a blink they work till their fingers bleed
Without hesitation when pain is involved
Us women walk with heads held high
And welcome our LORD GOD

Lots of memories are gained
The time the truth revealed
Until the last dying day...

Just a moment in time
Brings their hearts  to rest with each love ones
We have our dreams that is so many
Our hearts melt when we kiss thart child
A reminder of things to come...

Us women even if we  are alone
We will never be forgotten
As we stand up for justice
We lift our heads and yell


When tears flood like a river  due to so much pain..when  hearts bleed due to unrequited love deeply etched within..
Sometimes those are us women..

We women are  easily fooled and deceived... We are enraptured by men's sweetness.. We give all in terms of love and often times we forgot ourselves..
that's sometimes  us women..

Some of us truly value friendship and know how protect  our friends from untruthful  hearts.. those were kind  of sincere women we can trust

Women are believers of goodness.. We have a strong  faith..  Yet we are also full of weaknesses.. Those are us.. Women, will you accept?

Life sometimes tests our strength,  some doubt and hurt us like hell..
Yet when we keep doing what is right .. good always  prevail.

We are just women.. for some men, they see us weak but when we burst our  braveness to defend ourselves.. we are like lioness.. we roar to the loudest..

We women are women so beautiful..  We are an art of God
Our wisdom are an endowment  from heaven.. We are the most awesome gifts for men to be loved and cared.

Helen Sarita
All rights  reserved  by both Authors

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