Monday, February 2, 2015


(A poem for my mother
Best known as "Lola Paz")
This is a revised poem from the original title "Here I am"

Here we are....
To give you music melodic
and smooth to its tone
To brighten you and inspire
you when you are alone
To be confided by the language
of your loneliness
And to fill up the blank space
within yourself
Here we are...
To portray the important pieces
of that intricate puzzle
You're trying to put up together
solving in careful
To be the lovely and significant parts
to make your life a whole
We're all wishing you good health
now and in the future
Here we are...
To let you feel that life is so
beautiful to cherish with
By the love of your grandkids you are being sweetly surrounded
You're giving us strength to face our challenge every now and then
Just watch us dancing through the
hard step life is teaching
Here we are. .
To serve you as bright sunshine
on this perfect weather
To be grateful of having you is more
than enough this world can offer
How we wish to be always in your side
in your life long journey
Indeed we are thankful we have you loving us unconditionally

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