The music of our souls blend
with the breeze of romance
The magic of its aroma brought
our hearts to become one
Your stare beckons me and
from my rest I get up to rise
In your whisper I can feel
the amber flame of desire
Your words uplifted me like
I soar upon that beautiful sky
I dream to quench your thirst
giving you no chance to sigh
With me you wish to dance
slowly you take my hand
As I gracefully waltzing with you
I gently move with your command
This time you captured my heart
as I am captivating your soul
And our souls never ever tired
Loving each, our spirits entangle
And we never mind who we are
in our very existence in this land
In thoughts of nothing and no one
but our desires in ebb never gone
I never know even your name and
even never know where you came
All we know we are inside in each.
whispering our unknown names
Mind not if you found you're in nowhere.
I will pave your way through my shine
The essence we feel for this moment
is even unknown and hard to define
How and why you made me feel so
why in your absence I am wanting you
In this dream how I intensely wish
I will give in and I will never say no
I wish to forget our unknown spirits
And writhe to the fury of our desire
Now I am taking breathing you
In this play never give up, never tire
Your flaming touch on my soft skin
is an answer of this unbridled passion
To you I'll lend my all and all I want
To give you the climax of satisfaction
Now I am gasping my breath that
you have gradually taken...
In an exchange of this ecstacy
In my heart I newly discovered
Can you promise we will do it again
and again before it ends?
The end of our sweetest sweats
Chasing down right in this moment...
Please forever be mine be unknown
be still, I want you forever
And what to do when you let me float
by our blaze..I am like a fool as ever
This flame we couldn't contain
drenched us, heating us both
The broken sounds of total surrender
uncontrollably blazing till we got lost


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