Saturday, February 21, 2015


By my sweet smile
I beckon your soul

Your whisper am glad
I tender my love

Your profound words
Bonding my heart

Made me restless
In thoughts of you

Your words struck me
With sweetness of you

Tell me  please, now
Why am feeling like this

You took away my heart
And flourish in my dream

The tone of your soul
Has taken my all

Hope you  too feel
To make me your own

Hope you dream too
To make you my own

I will then wrap you
In the arms of mine

I will let you smell
The aroma of my breath

Your smile inspires me
Your kisses challenge me

Come to  my  heart dear
I will serve you my love

I will unwrap your loneliness
And cover you in my embrace

Come, savour me my love
Before i breathe my last

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