Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Give it a try...

A certain smile gracefully shines
There are many stories behind
To reach a stage of such content
Pangs in life should be we'll dealt
There is no short cut in joyfulness
Couldnt curtail the turmoil in ease
Though worries are inevitable
As tomorrow  isn't predictable
Yet a fear to face is just a futile
In every step, in firmness be still
As everyday is a grand promise
For each soul seeking for a grace
Simply embrace every challenge
Move on pretty soul  and unfaze
Life is what we made it then
Veer yourself from a mundane
Embroiling others nevertheless
Wouldn't make you then flawless
Life is not rather a competition
Be a shining star of inspiration
That glitters at the dimmest sky
Fascinating many,let's give it a try

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