Tuesday, September 8, 2015


You divinely open your soul  to mine unburdened with all your glory

A soul  who wishes to take the love I abound in my heart

A soul who is untiring to infuse love into my deepest core

Now..you are standing  in front of me gazing to my eyes

Seeing as if for the first time into my soul's beauty

You take my face in your hands gently yet strongly

You kiss my lips tasting my breath against yours

Allowing yourself to flow in mine as I flow into yours

Never wanting to let go..delving yourself with pasture never known before

Rising to the clouds being carried away..

Getting deeper..drowning into my ageless and timeless soul..

You are such lovely incredible..

For you..I am not just a beauty nor a brain..

Yet I am simply the queen of your dreams

1 comment:

Arman Neyazi said...

Dear Poetess, Congratulations for such beautiful expression of a world, most of the world only experiences in a world of dreams.