Bridged by strong linkage that connects
Into such a free nature of unselfishness
My bear soul walks though it's solace
Discovered  realm of heaven on earth

A wonderful creations of wonderment
Softly touching to my deepest sense
Wishing me to thread in its wondrous
If being abused she's much disastrous

I propagate it's wonders which for years
And to decades were taken for granted
An omnipotent mother unto me whispers
Through it's lovely calm peaceful breeze

We have to be mindful as she bleeds
Over the vultures of human greeds
The beauty of nature for us she carries
Don't let het grasp her own lovely breathes

Can we preserve these rippling springs
Where I can dance illustrating my my deepest sense?

Can we care these branches of old trees Which bows on me when I write my uncovered stories ?

Can we just ignore her presense
When she depicts her love in making rocks in a form of hearts?

Will we question her mysterious way
When she made a flower in an Eve shaped art?

There so much unbelievable wonders she portrays from her unfolding beauty
Our very eyes haven't ever yet witnessed
Can we continuously ignore her purity?

Can't we be caring to her and loving
For the sake of the flowers blooming
In the the realm of her kingdom
Whom are our grand generations to come?

We, the real mothers will just be a passers from this beautiful earth God has made

But our mother earth will nurture forever in every birth, we,human have made

Can we give action and not just listen to her plea?
The ever unselfish mother on earth
Our mother of Nature..Our mother earth..


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