Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Birthday poem for Jessica..

Jessica you're a sweet reflection of your grandma
In your veins running the blood of an angel named Deborah
She is as pleasant as the mystic air in our silent breathe
She is loved and her heart she treasured us in her depth
Oh Jessica, let her live with your thoughts and heart forever
She shines like a star above the evening's perfect weather
How lucky you are to be loved with this sweet woman
She never stop praying where your future laid beyond
As you are her younger spirit, you will grow as strong as her
You'll write your glowing heart  and it's flow on a blank paper
Be beautiful, be a young lady full of love and inner passion
Enjoy being young, let be an example and a reflection..
Oh, I can feel how much she loves to touch your soft skin
I can feel as like her, I also love my little grandchildren
This birthday of yours, let your heart rejoices with its best music
This birthday of yours, I sprinkle on you a tiny stars of my magic

Helen Sarita

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