Sunday, October 16, 2016


Helen Sarita and Daniel Franklin completed poem # 6.. Another great project.. One more poem closer to our book...

Lake Kiss

Us together
Eye to eye
Kissing passionately
Feeling love and passion in our hearts and souls
Never wanting this feeling to stop
So we kiss more and more
Seeing fireworks explode inside our affectionate minds
Hearing the noise of love
Embraced tight
Feeling the body heat
So much in love
As nothing else matters
In love with each other
As the world around us is a blur
We concentrate on each other
And that lake kiss
Because we will always be so much in love with each other to the end of time my dear princess…
Daniele Franklin

The romantic dreams of love brought us in this place
An awesome lake heard our whispers as we kissed
Birds melodious voices to this moment of ours, graced
Such an affection of two, a wonderful love to each
The sweet kisses along this  lovely lake, we share
These promises of love, only our hearts know to utter
This fantastic scene will be marked in our hearts
This glorious  love we shared is such a prefect art
You're the prince of mine in this wonderland
We are the reality of our book of romance
We are the dreams of our hearts and in our thoughts
We are the prince and the princess of love in our book
Helen Sarita

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