Wednesday, October 5, 2016


I have nothing in my heart but gratitude and love..

Who couldn't be thankful to see your sincere and happy faces gracing the crowd
I can hear the shout of your silent hearts greeting me loud..

When the precious times of yours were given to me to the utmost
With your presence, tell me who couldn't be in gratitude.

As to when I can speak my heart to touch you to the fullest
Whilst you gaze me up, I know I am touching your spirit.

My heart is rejoicing this very moment for this gift of life
The songs, you sang to me were embraced in my heart so tight.

The heartfelt greetings I received were so much felt within my being
Who couldn't be thankful if my heart can see the invisible breeze bringing me such a blessing..

Yes, who couldn't be thankful that pathway which was full of torns causing bitter tears
And to now becomes a journey of my grateful smiles and kind laughters.

With this beautiful design of my life, God has given,
Tell me who couldn't  be in gratitude to that splendid heaven.

To my family, relatives and my beloved friends , I now savor my life so  glad..
..and  I have nothing in my heart but gratitude and love..

Helen Sarita

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