Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Poem project #6 with Helen Sarita is now, finished ,,,, We wrote this poem together called Snowflakes of Love .... fun project

It was a cold snowy day
Light snow scattered the ground with puffy white
We stood face to face in love
Watching the different snowflakes fall
As we shared intermittent kisses as snowflakes cutely fell on our faces
Love being in our hearts even though there was a chill in the air
Nothing around us mattered
While white coated everything around us
Nothing could break this love
Love surrounded us like a warm cozy fire
We looked and looked into each other’s eyes
Knowing each day was an adventure
Knowing this snow was just being another one
We embraced a lot
Kissed a lot
As we looked toward our futures
Daniel Franklin

The flakes of the snow melted upon our warmth
Our skin glistened while to each one we crossed our arms
Our breathes getting warmer as our bodies became one
We danced as we flamed and never wanted to make it done
Upon staring at your eyes I felt like a melting snowflakes
I felt nothing but giving myself on as how much you need
And nothing could break this love felt in our hearts
We missed even in time we are absolutely with each
Unmindful to the snow and it's coldness either
We celebrate love that's still flaming even in a snowy season
We kissed whilst the snowflakes, on our faces melt on
Helen Sarita

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