Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Poem #6 with Daniel Franklin

A day of Love In the Rain..

Clouds take control of the sky
Rain begins to fall steadily
But it is a warm rain
You and I stay out in the downpour
Dancing happily
And playing in the rain like two innocent kids
Having the time of our lives
Letting no rain damper our love
Instead letting the steady rain be vigorous to our souls and love
As I stop to hold you and lift you high
Looking into your pretty dark eyes
Then as I let you down, I share a wet warm kiss with you
Rain splashes us as we kiss and kiss
Warm wet kisses in a storm of rain
As we embrace tightly
Clothes soaked from the rain
Telling each other we love each other
Not letting anything ruin our day of love and time together
Holding each other, the steam comes off our bodies and clothes
As we are one
Being us
Enjoying this love in the rain….

Daniel Franklin

Rain falling down soothing to our innermost depth
A romantic art of love soon to give us memories
It will create tears to be reminisced in the coming days
What is laying ahead according to destinies
Tears lingers down to your face and so to mine
As for now let's live this sweet love like grapes in a vine
This rain we love stimulates our deepest love
This a rain of love blesses our loving hearts
As we bath the rain our spirits soar to the highest,
We kiss, we hug as we devote our love to the fullest
As we embrace the deep joy of love in our hearts
We  dance and shower under the rain in this day of love..

Helen Sarita

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