Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Funny poem for Cris Andam Palir

Try to look at our smiles, can you say they are not authentic?
It stimulate our glee hearts to breath with magic
We are  happy to tease each other not just a bit
We eat everywhere in the city without limit
When we're full, you sing a love song which is my favorite
And when I am bored to listen your voice, you dont mind if I sleep
You just wake me up and tell me "hey I am finished!"
You cover your ears when I say I am so beautiful indeed
But how can I lie if the mirror tells me that sweet
You're my favorite as of now, in my words I am honest
But tomorrow for sure, you're still the one as you're great
Maybe this is the first poem of mine you're going to read
As you're the star in here, for sure you'll not missed.
We fantasize we can go to so many beautiful places on this planet
To Asia,  Europe , Middle East and to United States
It's full of fun to be with you my very good friend as you're the best
I am full with your criticism but I know, you still love me behind it

Author Helen Sarita

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