Friday, November 4, 2016


This is poem project # 7 for Helen Sarita and i.. We wrote this poem together.. It was fun....

Tunnel of Love

We walk through a mysterious tunnel
Filled with lights and love
As we kiss and walk
Enjoying the warmth of this tunnel and love
Hearing the hymns of love
Knowing each of us has a future with each other
I’m so lucky to have you
And to travel through this Tunnel of Love with you
And when we reach the end my love
The Altar of Marriage will be there
And it will be my lifelong dream to marry you my Philippine Princess
Daniel Franklin

In your words, I was lost
It took me a while to find  myself. I couldn't even easily find words to express what my heart wished to speak
I simply closed my eyes only to savor your presence
I didn't express even a bit gesture of doubts whilst your hand held mine
You gave me the touch that wrapped  my whole being
My heart has no space to accommodate any load to carry
As you occupied its every hollow space so gently
How can I ask for more?
That you have given the full meaning of love simply by your kisses which have answered with full satisfaction of all the unasked questions from my this tunnel of love..
Helen Sarita

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