Helen Author Helen Sarita and Daniel Franklin completed Poem 8...... 22 poems away from our book......

Star Lit Love

It was a warm balmy night
We stood face to face in an isolated field
A field of wildflowers and tall grass
As we looked high into the dark air
We saw many stars
And shooting stars across the dark sky
We held hands tight
Loving each other
Minds filled with lust and passion
As love beat strong within our tender hearts
So as a warm breeze went through our hair
We shared a warm kiss under a sky of stars so bright
Feeling the passion
Felling the love
Lips to lips
Eyes to eyes
Not letting go
As stars lit up the sky more and more
Enjoying this time and passion
And as we broke off our special kiss
We walked hand in hand
And made many wishes upon the star
One for us to be together for life

Daniel Franklin

A thought of romance full of love illusions
Beneath the star studded skies I feel your passion
Your passion of love and your passion of poetry
This was how you have met a certain and humble me
I am a woman lover of a stardust glitters
You're a man who loves the magic of its sprinkles
We dream walking hand in hand in the lushed field of love
As to feed the lyrics of our hearts, we're such so glad
I am a woman enchanted with my dreams and passion
I never knew I could write the other side of my soul's tune
But as you come to me my pen graciously dance with romance
Under the starlit of love we kiss as we're gifted with chance..

Helen Sarita


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