Friday, April 10, 2009


My children, walk without fear
As you were raised with all hardworks and prayer
Instilling contentment to your soul
You only have to trust and be faithful

You energize me behind my tiredness
I can afford to grin and bear behind difficulties
You are the reason why I have to go out rain or shine
As I can not stop dreaming even for a short while

Walking by our own pace with courage
You witness how I carry the hardship
May it serves you as good example
As you take your journey in the future

Reminiscing our beautiful memories
Bonded in time of our togetherness
Where things were not all soft and smooth
But the happiness we feel is what that counts most

Embrace the completeness of a mother
Watching you strong and bravier
Be thankful, cheerful and be alive
I consider you treasure in my life

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