Saturday, April 25, 2009


Help me to stand up from kneeling of asking God
Let me feel your pure and honest love
A love that soars us high where it takes us to fly
A love that is forever until the end of time

Let's celebrate the feelings we have for each other
Let's dance with the music only our heartbeats could hear
And let us walk on the air holding our hands together
While we gently follow what our hearts whisper

Love me till the sun continues to give its shine
Love me till the moonlight appears for us to unwind
Love me even the movement of the sea stops to cease
And never stop longing to smell my breeze

You let me feel your desire, passion and sweetness
You embrace me by your arms as your breath increases
As I wake up from my deep sleep, a sweet smile on my face
In my dream, you give me a colorful grin of happiness

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