Monday, April 20, 2009


Peaceful silence on the air
I savored while meditating
Heartily talking You in depth
You listen my soul who is imperfect
I refresh myself in faith and I worship
In the shaking situation I face, I ask Your help

Heavy trial came my way unexpectedly
It needs a lot of my courage and humility
As things drifted my mind at night
I tried to examine myself and give insight
I was feeling empty and helpless
But I need to move on out of nothingness

I have to fight to win this battle
For the welfare of everyone and all
I know that it will just pass over
In my every prayer You give an answer
You are giving me comfort and care
You are alive, You are just there

As I am solving things one at a time
You give me hope and sunshine
You are a helping and caring Father
With so much unconditional love to share
And behind the visit of this horrifying crisis
I thank you for painting my face a smile

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