she breaths heavenly air
without her knowledge
to love and to care in her
norm is her sweet caress
her romantic intelligence
flowing like a lovely spring
she is delicate and sensitive
her tears kisses her pains
to love is what she wants to power on this earth
her pure heart pours all throughout her writings
her tears are real upon
listening our sad stories
they are the witness flowing like lovely stream of softness
she truly amazed this
wonderful world
her love for us has
so much to unfold
yet, her romantic love is
blue in color as for her..
it represents perpetual
heartaches to bear
her pains made her ink
bleeds in blue
her heart groans in
gloom and in sorrow
yet her pen vividly dancing
upon her waving emotions
our presence dissipates
all her crying sensations
we, the women of passion
want her to be happily aglow
we'll be with her not just until the time our grey hair will start to show
in love she's our true model
she is our living humble angel..
she brings our passion to be known in the world of poetry..
she molds us women to
be like her heart's beauty
She never asked us to write a tribute for her to be penned
yet she has to hear our bursting emotion of gladness to be inked
she deserves all the love in
this world and in heaven.
one day..somehow under
the bright sunshine
I would be like her..
living my own dreams
I see myself  boosting my friends talents and endowments
I see myself sitting my table holding my expressive pen
I'd  be surrounded by the
books of poetry I published
I would  be still with the awesome poetessess I treasured my best
We'll still be sharing
each our own journeys
We'll be listening each our
own interesting stories..
we women of passion
will be timeless like her..
like our ageless and exquisitingly shining queen..
she is the woman of
passion herself..
she is..
Deborah Brooks Langford
the queen of our poetry world


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