Monday, June 20, 2016


Papa let me greet you..

If I can create words for others
How futile would I be if I couldn't create some words for my father

Would I just forget his love for me so focused? He talked like a broken record, he boosted me to his friends he was that proud

With his gentle lion's thoughts like of his horoscope..He planned things to be done by his trenious effort

He was strict yet good with silence like a deep river, he wanted me  to be decent and well mannered

I remember one night when I was out from his sight, he looked for me like missing the brightest moon..I was his life

It saddened me to see my father witnessing the torments of my life, maybe his brave heart at those times was crying

But what can an ill father do to save her precious daughter? He couldn't fight for me, he was helpless, yet still he saved me with his prayer until the end of his life that was what I felt

Now it's Fathers Day..
Let me celebrate with you Papa
Let me reminisce our memories and talk things you wish to hear from me.. didn't you know I am now a Poetess? I have so  many stories to tell if you were just here..I can read you my poems..I can tell you the battles in life that I've won

You can be proud of me now more than you were before
Look at my eyes, my tears can tell more than my ink isn't enough now to scribe the joy of my heart..I have casted away those pains..

Watch my children from your window in heaven, i was able to raise them up.. look how brave I am now and so couragious too.. how fast time runs.. I have so much to tell.. I have so much love in my heart and in life I still wish more to learn

How long it had been since you left. I thank God for this marvelous chance.. This is my very first time to make a Poem for you.. Papa i am now sleepy but before my day ends..let me greet you  tonight a "Happy Father's  Day"

Helen Sarita

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