Thursday, June 9, 2016


This is dedicated to Our Angel. Jolly Bhattacharjee.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WE LOVE YOU

The Power of Women's Strength ..

Drawing our strength
Exhausting our words
Words that are forgotten from long ago
Forgiving life's failings and hurts
That can overcome even the effort
Possessed by the charm~

Pierce through the night oblivion
No longer thought about what is buried
Cross path with us women with sweet melancholy~

Our power to go
Forward again
Find our heart's strength
The joy of overcoming this life
Good humor and joy never part~

Strong shoulders and sweet hearts
Pierce together always a new start
The way the road most traveled
To view the real truth of pure sweet love
Is a Woman's strength~

Deborah Brooks Langford

In an intricate travel of my life's journey
Upon paving the rough road along my way
I shared my tears and so my smiles
With the strength that I molded, in life I rise
Ups and downs were part of my walks
I planted good seeds to grow in my thoughts
I continue to learn my life and cultivate
In everyday I savor the great lessons I take
I joined forces of passionate women
We found ourselves dancing through the rain
We love and care to dissipate our pain
Behind our busy time, to each we listen
We found our immense strength becomes powerful
We believe each of us and our hearts becomes full~

Helen Sarita

Beauty from within radiates real strength
scared but fighting.. meek yet cunning
we may bruised..broken..tears is our way of overcoming.
Our smile is our weapon..we have grace. under pressure
our essence is worth more. than worlds treasure
our pain is our gain we are the mystery that remains
we maybe shattered but never falter
for we are Woman the epitome of beauty and strength~

Tracy Raven Luna

Love caught me by surprise
Though my heart stood behind glass, hidden, broken
His love captured it, as if a butterfly with broken wings
I flew into his arms, strong and able
 a woman in love

Poetess Caro Mørphew
I'm a woman and I take a pride in being so,
From my childhood to my womanhood,
I have slowly made my pride grow,
And always up righteously I have stood.
Woman ,I have been an epitome of strength
For my self respect I can go to any length.
I spread an aura of divinity in me,
Its only for there you to open your mind and see.
Don't take me a symbol of sex and beauty,
To love and care for all is my prime duty.
But I need respect from one and all,
 I stand with my feet on the ground and head held firm and tall.
I'm a woman of passion and that's my trump card,
I flow like a river,sometimes fly like a bird.
So let this Woman live in me,
For this is what makes me what I always wannabe

©®Nitasu Laup
We are women of passion,                
strength, glory and creation.                                      
We create life,                                            
with all our might,                                      
bearing pains,                                          

not only for many months,              
but also for many years.                    
 Is there any substitute?                          
  For such endeavour.                  

Shamenaz Shaikh

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM Zahra Myles Zahra and Hamdia Fouad


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