Wednesday, June 29, 2016


In the vastness of this universe people in different places are from one God who created Adam and Eve 

Scattered along the big and huge continents separated by big oceans and boarders of land..

Leaders rule each of their places protecting their lands that separates people near and far..

They are uncontented  they keep striving for prestige, power and fame. Their ego divides the races..

But we only have a short life living on this earth...let's not waste our breath. 

On the later days we from ashes will turn back into our coming generation what legacy we wished to leave?

Why can't  we teach Love by our deeds. As an example, can we set ourselves? 
We can change the world..let's move hand in hand against racism..let's be optimistic..

On the judgment day.. God won't ask us from where are we..
We don't need to fight
Let's spread love to each 
Let's contemplate for the best, let's abide and behave

We breath the same air..same color of blood running our veins 
We have heart that feels..why cant we be humble enough, listen to each, patch up our grudges.. 

Yes we are human... we are imperfect  but it doesn't mean we continue to live greedily and keep too much anger and wrath.. why can't we make ourselves be a bridge towards peace

In this world..We may have different  beliefs..but let's love one another never minding the race..  as we are created by one God.. our almighty God of Love..

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