Wednesday, June 29, 2016


May this ink will spill the color you love to see, to open your eyes reading what I wish to convey

That  this ink of mine will cease the movement of the sea as it draws to ebb, it gives us solace  as we breath.

May it soar with the ripples of the moving clouds and promulgates peace, whilst it is being viewed by all living creatures of this world.

May this ink splash love to touch insensible hearts to embrace the world with love and dominate the earth through the wisdom it speaks.

May this ink will drizzle  the beauty in me.. my thoughts and my heart will envelope the whole world through the omnipotent gift unto me being bestowed..

May this ink.. will be the ink to conquer the hatred of the world and will bring Oneness to thee and me and to all who surround

..And may this ink will give us the glory enlightened by the Mighty Spirit..It will speak the words of God... and not mine to say..

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