Saturday, March 10, 2018


I loved you as soon as I saw you
Because your beauty was amazing 
And your spirit as well
You were everything I looked for in a woman
And would not want with anyone else
So I pledge to love u
Kiss u daily
And to hold u tenderly in my arms every night
Because my love for you is so great  
You are my wife
My princess
My soulmate
And the woman of my dreams
Because you are my everything
The woman I live for
The woman I die for
Because I will love no other
You are my only love
Will always be my only love
Because I love so immensely my Queen of My Heart 

Daniel Franklin

Your words lingers softly as they penetrated to the core of my being
How lovely you promulgated to me your so much intense feeling
Your lovely gesture and devotion is a kind symphony to my heart..
You made me waltz so graceful to the music of your sweet love
I am your world, and you have intricately completed mine
You've melted me as you stare deeply upon my eyes
Your kisses brought me to the place I couldn't define
You decorated me by the silvery stars from that velvety clouds which made me truly shine
You firmly hold my hand that even the strongest wind has no power to put us asunder
Restassuring me you will never leave as your love is forever
And even the strongest storm  bringing the name unknown couldn't break as apart
As we both believe the fact that you and me were born to share each other's heart..

Helen Sarita

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