Sunday, March 18, 2018


Helen Sarita and Daniel Franklin have written poem # 19
.. Closer to the book....

My Bride – My Love

The moment I saw your face and eyes I knew you were my wife
Your pretty face
Your fashion
The way you flipped your hair
Your Glam Look
But that wasn’t it all…
It was your pure Gold Heart that attracted me
The heart of my dreams
The heart of my future
The only heart I would love
So, as I walk to the alter with you my lifelong partner
I will always love you
Treat you well
Solely love you
To unquestionably be your husband of honesty and loyalty to my last breath
Because there is no greater woman than you
My Queen of Love and Life
So, take this ring my lovely Bride
Join me in marriage
As we are an equally loving couple
To build great love
A great honey
A family
An unbreakable future
To live out our dreams
I say I do
Because I love you
So, as we walk away as Husband and Wife
I promise to love you forever
Take care of you
Treat you as my daily Princess
Because I will love you forever….

Daniel Franklin

I pledge to be yours till the end of my life
You've proven to me your love for so many times
Those tears and laughter we've shared in the past are parts of our fantastic journey
Strengthen our love as it glued us to stick together
behind the tease of life when time many had wished to poison our minds
That I begun to doubt your love..
Your promises that I had wrongly thought were just made to be broken
I have had mistaken to judge your love wasn't true
Now that we are marching towards the altar to make our vows
I was amazed and couldnt believe I now belong to your arms
It is the end of asking myself when, where, why and how?
I will be your eternal wife and you will be my loving husband
We will tie up ourselves to each and ready to face the challenges of our marriage life
No one could ever break us apart and put as asunder..
We will slumber together listening to the pleasant melody of our hearts
Those dreams of ours, now become reality..
I am still in awe with the thought of having you forever my lovely prince..
In eternity, I will be with my one and only magical and awesome you..
till the end of time..

Helen Sarita

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