One of our best!!

Oneness of our Pens..

Collaboration Deborah Brooks Langford and Helen Sarita

I miss writing with you
You cast my sighs out of the blue
You are an angel far away so
Your aroma comes wherever I go

I try to look beyond the time but atlas I can’t forget
The sweetness of your poetry
Oh yes how I miss you so
Looking at my restless mind
Wishing my empty veil I vow…

Your words bring magic to my soul
You let my spirit to the wilderness highly soar
I consider myself the luckiest on earth
Having you sharing with me your breath

Waltzing bellows on waters edge
Circling with the wielded word
Flowing through the Lillie’s so bright
Walking forward in willows deep
Is your friendship I need…

You’re a beautiful instrument sent from the heaven above
You’re a symbol of such a pure love
If our brethren behave the way you do
This world is such a splendid place to dwell through

Singing songs of yonder mist
Through a whispered emerald pasture
Cries from loneliness brings
On a broken wing
You fix my heart on the rivers edge…

The rhythm of love to our hearts engraved
Its symphony carried by a lovely breeze
Travels through the air to touch the horizon
You are a mystical creation
You are a true angel, you are my inspiration…

Out timeless dreams are compelling
There are no bitter regrets
Once molted into ivory clay
I am never alone when I read
Your rambling muse…

You’ve planted seeds of love onto my heart
In your heart I delved to search the charisma you have endowed
I found pearls and diamonds
Sparkling and shining your aura
You are such a valuable treasure

Unmask our veils of shadows
Marked by the shimmering moon
The blackness flows into the blue
To form the oneness of our pens…

As I crawled onto the meadows of paradise
Searching perfect words to speak my heart
I gleaned to blend the wonders of yours
You have made me of who I am
These tears of mine. Speaks. Unleashing my heart
You are a goddess.
 A mirror of my soul…

Wondering what the future will bring
Where the sugar maple trees blow
As she takes to the stage once again
As long as my dear sweet friend
Always our pens sing with oneness…

All rights reserved by both Authors
Deborah Brooks Langford &
Helen Sarita
(c) 2/21/18


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