Saturday, March 10, 2018


Helen Sarita and Daniel Franklin have written poem #18.. We keeping writing to our book of 30 poems...

As I looked into your eyes I saw the woman I loved
The woman I needed
The most beautiful woman to my heart and eyes
Because I need you
I needed your love
You are so caring
And full of life
My Princess
The woman I do anything for
Because I love you so much
And our love is so true
So as we kiss and touch
You will be the only woman for me
My beautiful Princess
The woman I love
The only woman I need

Daniel Franklin

Rejuvenated with your sweet love
Your words made me feel
so young at heart
You are a magnet to my soul
You deserve to have
my heart and all
Look at me my love..
So divine to your sight
Our stares to each have
its fullest meaning..
That our love couldnt
be measured right
It is beyond that peak of
a huge mountain
Calm as the flowing spring
Greater than what we
can imagine..
Come closer to me,
Hold my hands and
look at my eyes gently my prince...
Listen to my every beat
Where the symphonies of love
made our breaths fastly raise
As it heals the pains
of our wounded souls
And in silence, we both declare
You are mine..and  I am  too.. is yours..

by Helen Sarita

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