Wednesday, September 7, 2016


My poetry collaboration with Daniel Franklin

A Date in Paradise..

I’m glad I met you in a field of bright yellow sunflowers
With colorful butterflies all about
As the bright sun shined down on us in bliss
While the cool breeze blew through our beautiful and silky hair
As we looked at each other, knowing this day was such a great one to enjoy
We talked and talked
Learning so much about life and each other
Sharing smiles and good conversation
As we saw pretty birds flying about
Enjoying this picnic lunch together
With not a raindrop in the air
As the blue skies warmed our hearts and souls
As we were so glad we met
Because we knew from there that the days to come were going to be blissful and meaningful

I can see the butterflies
gracefully dancing
upon the vivid hue of these
beautiful flowers
Everything is full of life in
this beautiful paradise
This garden of wonderment
 is the witness of our smiles
As we comfortably talking
under the shadow of this
silent and hopeful tree.
This beauteous nature
mends with the joy we've
both experienced,
this grand privilege we both have,
listening to the interesting stories of our pasts,
 Is indeed incomparable...
as we listen to the laughters
of our gleeful souls
 Nothing more to dream for,
as this very moment is more
 than enough perfect
We are both in content of
this amazing togetherness
As you lay upon my heart
treating me like a princess
 I can see our eyes are in
 harmony of the passion of
 our beautiful imagination.

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