This is poem project number 4 with Helen Sarita.. One more poem closer to our book in future.....

Dream of romance...

Winter is in full force
Heavy snow falls
Blown about by high winds
Whiteout is present and dangerous….
But we both spend time from the outside elements inside our cozy cabin
A cabin with a beautiful fireplace
The strong fire warms the room and our hearts
We sit in front of it gazing at the fire ambers
Holding hands, and talking about being trapped inside the cabin together
But instead of trapped, it’s our chance for a romantic night
We continue to sip wine, watch the fire, to also share sensual kisses as well
Our hearts are sealed with a warm coziness
Our souls are one
We are so much in love
No snowstorm will damper our special love or our romantic night
Because anytime together is special
And always what we strive for
Because we love each other greatly
And we will make the worse situation the best situation
Just being together
What is most important in a world of chaos
So as we sit by this cozy warm fire, I am so much in love with you
I am so lucky to be trapped inside with a woman like you
You are my everything
My girl
My dream
And I will never a squander a winter or summer moment to be with you my dear
As we kiss, and embrace each other lovingly for the rest of the night….
Daniel Franklin


We bravely travel along that winter. What an adventure..
our fears, we conquered
A beautiful destination, excitedly waiting us ahead..
A thrill of that travel unwind both our spirits..
Yet, as we gazed upon the skies The dusky and raging clouds surprised our very eyes
the cold breeze to our skin deeply soothed
There, you started to ease the fear within my thought
The breathe of the see we crossed was becoming so cold
It had spoken to our nerves, telling all the emotions untold..
The language of love, on this ship spoke to its best
In this arduous journey, with your hands I felt the safest
As you comforted me, I heard your fast breaths
That was the scene of romance I have truly missed
Your eyes were full of passion and with your stare, I felt I was melting
Your every touch exhilarated the core of my being
We both never minded what was happening to the storm outside.
Only what we listened were the beat of our hearts.. inside
I closed my eyes savoring the warmth never I've tried for a long time.
You've awaken up all my senses, you opened my world, with your soul I did bind..
My strength had gone and I only relied to yours. ..
We let ourselves to be in heaven as the moment rolled
We let every croon corner of that cabin be the witness
We drenched our thirst as the vessel swayed by the ocean waves
I wanted to feel each second, I wished to hold the time.
Thanking life that moment, was one of a kind
As our ship continuously   sailing, we enjoyed to the fullest of our dreaming
What a wild imagination we both had crossed upon
While we were on our exciting journey to the next island
.. I woke up in my dawn, the weather was calm.
I reached out my pen ready to speak in my hand
It was smiling unto me and teasing me upon
My blushing face glowed with my dream of romance..
Helen Sarita


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