This is poem Project #5 with Helen Sarita.... This was a great project to do with her and when we get to poem # 30, we will publish a book worldwide together.... Hope to have a big book signing here in the USA at Barnes and Noble in mid 2017.

More than a pot of gold..

A huge rainbow appears above our eyes
One side of the horizon to the other side
We look up in awe
We wonder if our pot of gold is at the end?
But then we question that
Why need that gold….
Because we are so much in love with each other
Our loving relationship is worth much more than any pot of gold
So no need for that pot of wealth
Because our souls are bonded as one
Our true love lives on so robust
While our resilient souls are connected as one
Making all that wealth in itself
So you will always mean the world to me
Never a doubt to that
Because you are my Philippine Princess
My Queen of exotic beauty
And my daily rainbow daily
Because when I look at you I am in complete awe
So you are the rainbow of my life and love
Your hair so bright
Eyes so loving and full of life
Dark and mysterious
Soul so stout and dynamic
Making that pot of gold worthless
So I pledge to you with all of this, that certainly there is not a day that I would ever give you up…
Always by your side
As we are each other’s rainbows
Fully in love
Fully full of life
Showing others that other colorful rainbows live in the lives of couples in love
To never go dim
Just to be bright everyday
Showing that true love can never go dim……
Daniel Franklin

How can our feelings be dimmed when when  we're non stop sparkling our light with the fullest of our love?
Do we still need to  find that pot of gold when happiness we felt are full of vibrant in this colorful world?
Your stare has made me truly in love to the highest
Your touch has healed my wounded heart to the finest
I need you more than I was expecting when our very eyes have firstly met
I want you crazy in my life till the end of my breath
Thanks to the heaven above that we've  mutual feeling of understanding
Thank you for allowing my heart be free from any burden
Your love have wrapped me to its purest
As our souls dance full of love with its best
I can see the charm of the colorful rainbow above that blue sky
So proud of the love witnessed by it's curving hues as we gazed up high
As we stare to each other, our eyes are sweetly talking
The gestures of our love were so much expressing
You are the world to me and I am to yours
I am a fairy so in love with you as your magic rolls
 You've successfully captivated my heart and all
I have completely captured that sweetest love of yours....
Helen Sarita


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