The fantasy behind..

Fall is finally here
Multicolor leaves high above trees
As colorful leaves swirl about the ground
Bright blue skies
White tall clouds
A chill in the air
But one of vigor and comfort
As we lay on the green grass together holding hands
Near such a beautiful blue lake full of wildlife
We gaze at Gods beauty
As we are enticed by each other
And our love
So grateful to love each other
And to have this strong union together
So we enjoy the dvay
Sweet kisses
With warm embraces
As we stare at each other
While the wildlife and landscape is so alive around us
We can feel it and see it
As we share more slow kisses
We are so in love
And nothing else matters
So as we sit near the lake
We reflect on our relationship
The good times
The good adventures
The smiles and laughs
And thankful to have this special robust love for a life time

Daniel Franklin

As I closed my eyes
bringing my soul to our
mystical adventure
My heart blooms
like a wild flower
your heart nurtured
You're bringing me
to the garden of
your Kingdom
Where we shared love
and happiness
without boredom
The whispers coming
from your greatest depth
made me soar to the
highest clouds
whilst you stared
upon my passionate eyes
A message of love
wrapped my whole being
as I was in content
slumbering my hunger soul
by the comfort of your
caring heart
You gave me  nothing
but magic
And promised me nothing
but love which was so full
of mystic
As I opened my eyes
I saw you handing a
bunch of flowers
that graces my illusion
I wished to closed them
back again and
dream forever
the fantasy behind
our romantic inks
of wonderment..

Helen Sarita


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