Friday, September 9, 2016


I did Poem Project # 3 with Helen Sarita... Day Beyond Belief


Walking hand and hand with you
Through a colorful field of flowers
With nature so beautiful and peaceful
Butterflies swirling around us
We talk and smile
As bliss is seen so clearly on our faces
We enjoying the sunshine and the deep blue skies
And the company together
Talking more
Smiling together even more
As we make our own music
So happy that we are together
Just sitting together
Looking eye to eye
As birds chirp so serene
Looking at each other in bliss
With us full of life
Enjoying this day beyond belief

The mutual kindness of our souls rises to its greatest heights
Every moment for us seems a paradise
You're such gently having a kind spirit in your ways, In our stroll, you hold my hand and give me such an ease
The birds chirp to rejoice with us in this candid moment
 With colorful butterflies dancing with mystic melodies
 Our souls were long time friends in the valley before our births
 Being with each company is truly such a bliss
Our devotion of friendship is one of a kind model
When friendship were misunderstood, We still stand loyal and proud
As we are both in heavenly relief
Enjoying this day beyond belief..

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