Friday, September 2, 2016


Take it easy..

To my beautiful earth angel
I know for now you are uncertain
Haven't you trust your own wings?
It can even shadow to mellow some pains
It can even fly so high to answer one's  dream
Cheer up I am here with you, watching you over
In a far distance I'm reaching you to wipe your tears
I understand you need me hugging you so tight
No way to leave, I am with you in your battle fight
Your worries caused uneasiness of my usual day
Your loneliness made my sunshine  rise not so lively
Now, I let my spirit flies so high to grip your hands
It soars to the clouds and cross so many huge lands
Just to be with an angel in need of my presence
To tap her shoulder, and tell everything will go well
We will both worship God and celebrate in a blast
As He eases us while we give Him our profound  trust

Helen Sarita

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