Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Helen Sarita is my name..
I am moved by these beautiful  Women of Passion
I am just a reflection of the beauty of their souls.
We aren't  infallible women, yet we are passionate and true
We are the lights to those who are feeling blue
Our pens  are moving with deep emotion
dancing with the melody of our sweet illusion ..
we all celebrate life vivid and strong
gracing the lands where we belong
We inspire, support and love each other!
We're never hindered by our distance nor the difference of our time
We deeply understand the language of our friendship
We are the women of different religions
Yet we are the  symbol of Unity between our Nations.
Through our Poetry, we are able to express the symphony of our hearts
together with the rhythm of souls.
We stand out for Peace by the Power of our Mighty Inks!

Now I am crying with tears
not anymore due to pains
These are tears of love..
The tears of a soul so glad..

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